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MWA was founded by Tony Whyman in 1991.

McCallum Whyman Associates Ltd (MWA) is a Technical Consultancy specialising in the development and application of Air/Ground Data Communications, Training and Support. Its principal market areas are: Air Traffic Control Communications, Air/Ground Communications, Network Routing, Electronic Messaging, Secure Communications, Value Added Network Services and Value Added Data Services. MWA's services include: communications protocol development, network design and training.

The company has at its disposal professional staff both as direct employees, and as associates who may be called upon to assist in larger projects, or where particular specialist skills may be required.

In 1997 MWA founded FANS IS in order to provide training courses in the Future Air Navigation System. MWA, through FANS IS, founded the annual ATN Conference.

In 2001, the FANS IS business was relaunched as Helios IS which was a joint venture between MWA and Helios Technology Ltd. Helios IS is now part of Helios Technology and has no links with MWA.

MWA also undertakes bespoke software developments for its clients, especially in the area of client/server databases and imaging software. Components from these developments are made available to other developers and end users through MWA Software. MWA developed the eduKator Package for the Management of Training Materials. This is used by Eurocontrol IANS, the IAA, SkyGuide and others.

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