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The ICAO ATN Panel was established in 1993 to be responsible for the development of the ATN SARPs and Guidance Material. Since then, the panel has itself met three times and its Working Groups have met too many times for those involved to care any more. Two editions of the SARPs and Guidance Material have been approved and the 3rd edition is nearing publication.

For those active in the ATN, the 2nd edition is the most relevant. It updates and replaces the 1st edition and is essentially the 1st edition plus resolutions of all notified defects. The 3rd edition extends the scope of the material to include Security, Systems Management and Directory Services. It also extends the applications to include the Generic ATN Communications Service (GACS). However, application of the 3rd edition is not expected for some time and the 2nd edition will be the reference work for most products and services for several years to come. The introduction of 3rd edition features may well be selective and readers should be careful to check the compliancy requirements of actual ATN deployments.

We have also made available the collected papers of Working Groups 2 and 3 along with meeting reports. These may be consulted for background information. Current drafts of 3rd edition materials may also be found there. However, we do not intend to prepare a complete version until it is clear that there will be no more amendments.

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