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Working Group Two Reports

Working Group Two Working Papers



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WG2/WP1 Draft ATN Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Guidance Material:Version 0.0 (WG1/WP34) F Colliver
WG2/WP2 Report of the Ad-Hoc Meeting on ATN Validation Tools and ProceduresWG1/WP35 B. Gouvine
WG2/WP3 Performance Based Validation of the ATNWG1/WP27 W Link
WG2/WP4 Network Management and Security Functions for the Phase 1 ATNWG1/WP9 D A Scott
WG2/WP5 U.S. Proposal for WG2 Sub-Group Structure D Sanford
WG2/WP6 United States ATN Validation Facilities T Signore
WG2/WP7 Initial Mitre ATN Validation and ICAO Report Generation Process D Sanford
WG2/WP8 The Need for Adherence to Industry Accepted Network Properties T Signore
WG2/WP9 Further Draft SARPs Validation Process Refinements D Sanford
WG2/WP10 Additional Remote Access Tools to Support the ATN Manual Validation Process D Sanford
WG2/WP11 Goals for Computer Simulation in U.S. ATN Validation Activities W Link
WG2/WP12 U.S. Position on Communications Infrastructure Requirements to Support the CNS\ATM-1 D Sanford
WG2/WP13 Time Estimates for IDRP Initiation Sequence T Signore
WG2/WP14 Issues raised by ASPP WG regarding AFS Priority Mapping Requirements G White
WG2/WP15 US Flight Trials Activities for ATN Validation K Crocker
WG2/WP16 Report of Satellite Data Link Trials in Japan T Majima
WG2/WP17 Simulation Plan of ASS (ATN Simulation System) in Japan T Majima
WG2/WP18 Validation of ATN Management Concepts T Majima
WG2/WP19 Draft Report ATNP/WG1/1 T Callow
WG2/WP20 SITA's Services and Activities for the Support of FANS II CommunicationsWG1/WP31 G Oliveau
WG2/WP21 Progress Report on the Preparation of an ATN Requirements Database A Whyman
WG2/WP22 Initial Defect Reports identified during ATN Database Development A Whyman
WG2/WP23 Report on Eurocontrol ATN Validation Tool Developments H Hof
WG2/WP24 Status Report on ICAO ATN Manual, 2nd Edition S V Trees
WG2/WP25 Requirements made by early Applications on the ATN Internet, and the consequent Transition Strategy A Whyman
WG2/WP26 Mobile SNDCF PICS Proforma A Whyman
WG2/WP27 User Requirements Derived from the ATN Manual A Whyman
WG2/WP28 Maintenance of ATN Requirements Database and draft SARPs and Guidance Material H Hof
WG2/WP29 European Strategy for ATN Manual V2.0 Validation H Hof
WG2/WP30 Unresolved Defects from SICASP/V A Whyman
WG2/WP31 The ATN Routing Concept A Whyman
WG2/WP32 UK ADS & SATCOM Trials - Considerations for CNS/ATM Package 1WG1/WP28 A Sharma
WG2/WP33 Proposed Organisation and Working Methods for ATNP/WG2 F Colliver
WG2/WP34 ATN Manual Defect Report:Allocation of Values to NSAP Selector J-M Crenais
WG2/WP35 Proposed Internet Architecture for CNS/ATM Package 1WG1/WP33 F Colliver
WG2/WP36 Status Report on the EURATN F Colliver
WG2/WP37 Proposed ATN Protocol Requirements Lists (PRLs) for CNS/ATM Package 1: Profile A J M Crenais
WG2/WP38 Proposed Agenda, Objectives and planning for WG2 A Sharma
WG2/WP39 Working Group 2 Terms of Reference A Sharma
WG2/WP40 Development of WG2 Work Plan A Sharma
WG2/WP41 Defect Report for Alignment with the ICAO ATN Manual S V Trees
WG2/WP42 ATN AddressingWG1/WP2 K Platz
WG2/WP43 Upper Layer and Lower Layer Data Compression Considerations in ATNWG1/WP16 H Hof
WG2/WP44 Need for QoS Management in the ATNWG1/WP3 K Platz
WG2/WP45 ICAO Registration RequirementsWG1/WP23 D Sanford
WG2/WP46 ATN Manual Defects K Platz
WG2/WP47 Proposal for Harmonisation of ISO/IEC, IATA and ICAO Profiling Activities to Facilitate Interoperability between Systems based thereon.WG1/WP30 M Pinelle
WG2/WP48 ATNP/1-WP/59: Requirements and Desirable Features for a Future ATS Air-Ground Communications System; VHF Digital Link (VDL) Design Guidelines and Summary of VDL Mode 2 Performance CharacteristicsWG1/WP19 M Paydar
WG2/WP49 AMCP/3-WP/53: Report on Agenda Item 8 - Material on Very High Frequency (VHF) Data Link (VDL) M Paydar
WG2/WP50 ATN Manual Defect Reports H Thulin
WG2/WP51 Proposed Objectives, Agenda and Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP52 ATN Internet WG - Work Plan A Sharma
WG2/WP53 ATN Systems Management Guidance Material H Thulin
WG2/WP54 Proposed Structure for CNS/ATM-1 Package SARPs & Guidance Material "Product 2" A Sharma
WG2/WP55 CNS/ATM-1 Package Implementation Definition T Signore
WG2/WP56 Withdrawn  
WG2/WP57 Proposed Structure for ATN Network Operating Concept H Hof
WG2/WP58 Report on ATN Database modifications J P Briand
WG2/WP59 Proposed Structure for WG2 ATN Validation Report "Product 3" A Sharma
WG2/WP60 Extract from WG1/1 Report (para 6.1) related to the identification of network performance type issues. A Sharma
WG2/WP61 WG2-25 Report (Systems Management) H Thulin
WG2/WP62 Not Available  
WG2/WP63 Not Available  
WG2/WP64 WG2-2 Task Force Report F Colliver
WG2/WP65 ATNP Configuration Control Board (CCB) Configuration Management (CM) Procedures F Colliver
WG2/WP66 ATNP Configuration Control Board (CCB) Configuration Management (CM) Procedures CCB Chair
WG2/WP67 Report of CCB1 CCB Chair
WG2/WP68 Proposed Guidance Material in Support of Route Initiation A Whyman
WG2/WP69 Status Report on Progress of Actions A Herber
WG2/WP70 Comments on ATNP CCB Configuration Management Procedures F. Colliver
WG2/WP71 US Position Statement K. Crocker
WG2/WP72 CNS/ATM-1 Package Policy Implementation Definition K. Crocker
WG2/WP73 Objectives, Agenda and Schedule A. Sharma
WG2/WP74 Proposal to Expedite the CNS/ATM-1 Internet SARPs and Guidance Material Development A. Sharma
WG2/WP75 Implementation of the CNS/ATM-1 Package A. Sharma
WG2/WP76 ATN SARPs & Guidance Material - Draft Version 1.1 - JM Crenais
WG2/WP77 U.S. Operational Requirements for ATN in CNS/ATM-1 USA
WG2/WP78 Draft Defect Reports and Change Proposals Related to ATN Addressing A Herber
WG2/WP79 Additional Guidance Material Related to ATN Network Layer and Transport Layer Addressing (Action WG2-12) A Herber
WG2/WP80 Operational Requirements Related to ATN Network Layer and Transport Layer Addressing A Herber
WG2/WP81 Quality of Service Concept for CNS\ATM-1 Package (WG1-10a) H Hof
WG2/WP82 Security Concept for CNS\ATM-1 Package (WG1-10b) H Hof
WG2/WP83 Systems Management Concept for CNS\ATM-1 Package (WG1-07) H Hof
WG2/WP84 ATN Addressing Concept for CNS\ATM-1 Package H Hof
WG2/WP85 Change Proposal Material related to ATN TSAP handling (2/34) JP Briand
WG2/WP86 Defect Report and Change Proposal Material related to ES-IS requirements (2/32) JP Briand
WG2/WP87 ATN Internet User Requirements H Hof
WG2/WP88 Not allocated  
WG2/WP89 Package 1 Requirements and Options Evaluation K Crocker/W Link
WG2/WP90 Not allocated  
WG2/WP91 ATNP Configuration Control Board (CCB) Procedures W Link
WG2/WP92 ATN Systems Management Guidance Material H Thulin
WG2/WP93 ATNP Working Group 2 and Working Group 3 (IDRP in the Airborne Router) F Mabe
WG2/WP94 Discussion of Different Network Diagnostic Methods R Jones
WG2/WP95 Proposed ATN Protocol Requirements Lists (PRLs) for CNS\ATM-1 Package F Colliver
WG2/WP96 Proposed Profile for IDRP over an air-ground link H Hof
WG2/WP97 Draft Defect Reports related to ATN QoS Management A Herber
WG2/WP98 Not allocated  
WG2/WP99 Not allocated  
WG2/WP100 The Airlines Need for an Early Definition of the CNS/ATM-1 Package K v Boogaard
WG2/WP101 The Airlines Position on ATN for Non-ATC Applications K v Boogaard
WG2/WP102 Proposal for ATN Systems Management in Package 1 T Majima
WG2/WP103 FAA ATN Flight Trials R Jones
WG2/WP104 Evaluation of ATN/AMSS End-toEnd Transit Delay Performance R Jones
WG2/WP105 Not allocated  
WG2/WP106 Not allocated  
WG2/WP107 IDRP Migration K Kotter
WG2/WP108 IDRP Protocol Requirements List for Mobile Routers W Link
WG2/WP109 Update to the Report of CCB\1 W Link
WG2/WP110 Defect Report 52 W Link
WG2/WP111 ATN Air/Ground Mobile Subnetwork Requirements H Thulin
WG2/WP112 Airline Perspective on IDRP on the Aircraft K v Boogaard
WG2/WP113 Proposed Mapping between ATNP WG/2WP72 PDUs and ISO 10747 PDUs R Jones
WG2/WP114 Notes from Joint WG2/WG3 Meeting on QoS I Valentine
WG2/WP115 Action 2/33 - ICAO Definition of SARPs Terminology A Sharma
WG2/WP116 Proposed Objectives, Agenda and Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP117 Meeting Application Specific Routing Policy Requirements in CNS/ATM-1 Package F Colliver
WG2/WP118 Appendix D to the 2nd Meeting Report of WG1 ("WG1 Flimsy #3") T Callow
WG2/WP119 ATNP/WG2 Review of the conformance of AMCP recommended VDL Design Guidelines to the ATN Manual requirements for mobile subnetworks H Thulin
WG2/WP120 Comments on ATNP/1-WP/59 (WG2/48) A Sharma
WG2/WP121 Congestion Management Strategies M Adnams
WG2/WP122 Comments on ICAO ATNP WG1/2 Report, Appendix D (Previously Flimsy 3) M Adnams
WG2/WP123 Proposed High Level Structure of the CNS/ATM-1 Package SARPs & Guidance Material A Sharma
WG2/WP124 Report of CISEC Activities J Crenais
WG2/WP125 CISEC (May 1995) Flimsy #1, Issue 1.0, F Colliver
WG2/WP126 Analysis of Alternatives for CNS/ATM-1 W Link
WG2/WP127 Simulation Study of the Hold Down Timer in the ATN W Link
WG2/WP128 Issues Related to Meeting Operational Requirements for Routing W Link
WG2/WP129 General Review of ICAO Annexes, Adaptation of Specifications Developed by Bodies other than ICAO into Annexes to the Convention or Advisory Material A Sharma
WG2/WP130 AMCP/WG-C/7, Appendix A to the Report on Agenda Item 4 A Sharma
WG2/WP131 Package 1 Requirement for Air-Ground Routing Exchange W Link
WG2/WP132 CNS/ATM-1 Operational & Technical Requirements* F Colliver
WG2/WP133 Assessment of BIS-BIS and Transport Connection Establishment Delays R Jones
WG2/WP134 Proposed Objectives, Schedule & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP135 Draft Part I CNS/ATM-1 SARPs A Sharma
WG2/WP136 Draft 2.1 of Part V of CNS/ATM-1 SARPs & Guidance Material CISEC
WG2/WP137 Updated Appendix 6 A Whyman
WG2/WP138 Updated Chapter/Appendix 12 H Thulin
WG2/WP139 Priority Definitions within Annex 10 and the relationship to the ATN SARPs R Jones
WG2/WP140 Minimal Solution for Congestion Management H Hof
WG2/WP141 DTE & NSAP Addressing Plans Sv Trees
WG2/WP142 Proposal for Revised Structure of Part V of CNS/ATM-1 SARPs & Guidance Material A Whyman
WG2/WP143 Proposal for Production of Baseline SARPs to Support ATN Internet Validation Exercises F Colliver
WG2/WP144 Structure of CNS/ATM-1 SARPs and Guidance Material A Sharma
WG2/WP145 ATN Validation Strategy (WG2/1 Flimsy #2) A Sharma
WG2/WP146 Proposed Structure for WG2 ATN Validation Report (WG2/WP59) A Sharma
WG2/WP147 Disposition of Deleted Requirements in Appendix 6 of theATN Manual A Whyman
WG2/WP148 Editorial Changes performed on the Appendix 10 of Draft SARPs V2.0 H Thulin
WG2/WP149 Disposition of Deleted Requirements in Appendix 11 of the ATN Manual A Whyman
WG2/WP150 Comments on Solutions for Congestion Management in the Transport Layer R Cassa
WG2/WP151 Initial Simulation Results for Congestion Management H Hof
WG2/WP152 Updated Appendix 10 H Thulin
WG2/WP153 Time Critical Need for Mature CNS/ATM-1 SARPs A Snively
WG2/WP154 Comments on Chapter 12 of ATN Manual N Miyauchi
WG2/WP155 IP Mobility Support K Crocker
WG2/WP156 Updated Appendix 9 R Cassa
WG2/WP157 Proposed Objectives, Schedule & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP158 CNS/ATM-1 SARPS & Guidance Material - Part V:Internet Communications Service (Version 3.0, August 7th 1995) J Crenais
WG2/WP159 Analysis of the Mobile IP Proposal and Comparison with ATN Mobile Routing H Hof
WG2/WP160 Validation of Congestion Management Proposal H Hof
WG2/WP161 Proposed Format of the CNS/ATM-1 SARPs (Part V) Validation Report A SharmaH Hof
WG2/WP162 Policy-controlled Route Initiation over the Mode S Subnetwork. A Herber
WG2/WP163 Message Costing T Calow
WG2/WP164 Protocol Overhead in the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) R Jones
WG2/WP165 IDRP Router Initiation Times with Mode S R Jones
WG2/WP166 End-to-End Data Link Delays using Mode S R Jones
WG2/WP167 The Use of ATSC Traffic Types for CNS/ATM-1 Package R Jones
WG2/WP168 Defects found in IDRP and Consequential Changes Required to the draft ATN Internet SARPs H Hof
WG2/WP169 Review of Recent Changes to the draft ATN Internet SARPs H Hof
WG2/WP170 ATNP/WG2 Actions 5/11 and 5/12 H Hof
WG2/WP171 Review of Routing Initiation APRLs (ATNP/WG2 Action 5/6) H Hof
WG2/WP172 Proposed Initial Guidance Material for ATN Internet SARPs H Hof
WG2/WP173 ISH PDU Priority (Action 5/4) H Hof
WG2/WP174 Change Proposal for Improved Text on the ATN Priority Architecture H Hof
WG2/WP175 Draft Minutes of ATNP/WG1/3 T Calow
WG2/WP176 Draft Minutes of ATNP/JWG/3 T Calow
WG2/WP177 Avoiding unnecessary route advertisement M Akimoto
WG2/WP178 ATNP/WG3/SG2, Canberra Flimsy 4 S VanTrees
WG2/WP179 CNS/ATM-1 Package Registration Authority A Sharma
WG2/WP180 Subnetwork Usage A Snively
WG2/WP181 Data Communications Services V Bochkarev
WG2/WP182 ATN Systems Inc. Position on CNS/ATM-1 Package R Jones
WG2/WP183 Issues on ATN RDB Work H Hof
WG2/WP184 Priority Definitions within Annex 10 and the Relationship to ATN SARPs R Jones
WG2/WP185 Paper Withdrawn  
WG2/WP186 AEEC ATN Newsletter, October 1995, Vol 2, No. 3 A Roy
WG2/WP187 Proposed Resolution of Open CCB Issues Arising from Presentation of Flimsy #6 - Routing Architecture R Cossa
WG2/WP188 Proposed Resolution of Open CCB VRCIs R Cossa
WG2/WP189 CCB Procedures & Requirements for Defect Reports, Change Requests, Change Proposals, 8th August 1995 R Cossa
WG2/WP190 VRCI Status H Hof
WG2/WP191 Proposed Change i n the Mobile SNDCF to support VDL J Crenais
WG2/WP192 ATN SARPs & Guidance Material - Fax from Secretary M Paydar
WG2/WP193 Proposed Objectives, Schedule & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP194 CNS/ATM-1 SARPS & Guidance Material - Sub-Volume V:Internet Communications Service (Version 3.1, 31/12/95) JM Crenais
WG2/WP195 The ATN Validation Archive/Server JM Crenais
WG2/WP196 Guidance to Subnetwork Implementors, Part [8] of Guidance Material for ATN V Bochkorev
WG2/WP197 Results of Congestion Management Simulations H Hof
WG2/WP198 Proposed Text for SARPs Reference Section & Associated Change Proposals JP Briand
WG2/WP199 IDRP Route Aggregation & ATN Requirements for Route Aggregation H Hof
WG2/WP200 CNS/ATM-1 Package SARPs Requirement Database Tables JP Briand
WG2/WP201 CNS/ATM-1 Package Internet SARPs Validation Objectives JP Briand
WG2/WP202 Excerpts from CNS/ATM-1 Package SARPs Validation Exercise Specifications JP Briand
WG2/WP203 Validation Tool Descriptions JP Briand
WG2/WP204 ATN Address Registration H Hof
WG2/WP205 Progress Report and Initial Results of IDRP Large Scale Simulations H Hof
WG2/WP206 FAA Validation Roadmap: Approach and Plans P Feighery
WG2/WP207 Proposed Guidance Material - Section 2 R Cossa
WG2/WP208 CNS/ATM-1 Security Label S VanTrees
WG2/WP209 Tools for ATN Validation Experiments in Germany A Herber
WG2/WP210 Delete Optional Non-Use of Airborne IDRP from Draft Sub Volume V SARPs P Hennig
WG2/WP211 Paper Withdrawn  
WG2/WP212 Sub Volume V, Chapter 6 Guidance Material, Applications Use of ATN Internet S VanTrees
WG2/WP213 Status of WG2 VRCIs JM Crenais
WG2/WP214 Proposed Guidance Material for Section 3, Guidance for ATN Administrator P Hennig
WG2/WP215 Proposed ATN Systems RFP PICS P Hennig
WG2/WP216 NAT Requirements JM Crenais
WG2/WP217 WG2 CCB Activity in Support of CNS/ATM-1 Internet SARPs R Cossa
WG2/WP218 Systematic Review of Certain Option Selections for TP4 Timer Values R Cossa
WG2/WP219 Need for more complete definition of TP4 Timer Settings & Usage R Cossa
WG2/WP220 ATN Simulation with Realistic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) Message Statistics R Cossa
WG2/WP221 Defects found in Internet SARPs Version 3.1 and proposed solutions JM Crenais
WG2/WP222 UK Validation Tool Description A Sharma
WG2/WP223 Revised Recommendations in respect of WP/3-13, "Overall Security Concept", relating to the work of WG2 A Sharma
WG2/WP224 Report of WG2 to WG1 A Sharma
WG2/WP225 WG2 WP to AMCP WGs & AMCP WG response A Sharma
WG2/WP226 Description of SITA ATN Systems and toolsavailable for SARPs Validation H Thulin
WG2/WP227 Section 1 - Sub Volume V of the CNS/ATM-1 Package Guidance Material C Pellegrino
WG2/WP228 Proposed Changes to Foreword of Sub-Volume V A Sharma
WG2/WP229 Proposed Changes to Chapter 1 of Sub-Volume V A Sharma
WG2/WP230 WG1\WP 3-22 - CIDIN Compatibility with the ATN L Sayadian
WG2/WP231 Proposal for Congestion Management Algorithm H Hof
WG2/WP232 ADS Europe Press Release A Sharma
WG2/WP233 WG2 Future Work Plan A Sharma
WG2/WP234 Proposed Guidance Material - Section 4 - (Part 1 - Transport Layer) H Hof
WG2/WP235 Proposed Guidance Material - Section 4 - (Part 2 - Transport Layer) H Hof
WG2/WP236 Route Merging Problem found during Validation H Hof
WG2/WP237 NAT Planning P Hennig
WG2/WP238 WG1 Flimsy 4-7, Request for System Level Requirements for inclusion in ATN SARPs Sub Volume I S Cosgrove
WG2/WP239 Sub-Volume V - Technical Issues to be Resolved KP Graf
WG2/WP240 ATN Time Performance Measurements over Mode S R Jones
WG2/WP241 End through End Data Integrity and the ATN R Jones
WG2/WP242 FAA Launches Data Link Web Site R Jones
WG2/WP243 Approach for Developing Validation Reports for CNS/ATM-1 Draft SARPs R Jones
WG2/WP244 Description of US Validation Tools R Jones
WG2/WP245 Description of demonstration at IATA's "Gateway to the ATN" Seminar in Chicago, USA R Jones
WG2/WP246 Paper Withdrawn --------
WG2/WP247 Change Proposal supporting the VDL SNDCF A Roy
WG2/WP248 ARINC Validation Tools A Roy
WG2/WP249 CNS/ATM-1 Package Sub Volume V Draft Validation Report P Whitfield
WG2/WP250 Outstanding Defect Reports JM Crenais
WG2/WP251 Proposed Objectives, Schedule & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP252 CNS/ATM-1 SARPS & Guidance Material - Sub-Volume V: Internet Communications Service (Version 4.1, 15/4/96) JM Crenais
WG2/WP253 Status of WG-2 VRCIs CM Ricci
WG2/WP254 Comments on the Congestion Avoidance Algorithm proposed for the ATN A Herber
WG2/WP255 Simulation Exercises on Congestion Management Techniques A Herber
WG2/WP256 Fast Select S Tamelet
WG2/WP257 CNS/ATM-1 Package Internet SARPs Validation Objectives JP Briand
WG2/WP258 Results of IDRP Large Scale Simulations H Hof
WG2/WP259 Sub Volume 1, Version 0.4 Introduction and System level Requirements S Cosgrove
WG2/WP260 Proposed Guidance Material for Congestion Avoidance in the ATN Internet A Whyman
WG2/WP261 ATNP Change Control Board (CCB) Procedures Document R Cossa
WG2/WP262 WG 2 Configuration Control Board Activity in Support of CNS-ATM-1 Internet SARPS R Cossa
WG2/WP263 COTP Timers Analysis in the ATN/AMSS Computer Model R Cossa
WG2/WP264 The Impact of Sub Volume 1 on Sub-Volumes 2 through 5 SARPs and Guidance Material S Cosgrove
WG2/WP265 Guidance Material Actions for Brussels Meeting - Arrangements A Sharma
WG2/WP266 The Use of ATSC class in ATN Internet H Hof
WG2/WP267 Report on the Further investigation of Network Layer Congestion Management in the ATN Internet H Hof
WG2/WP268 AMCP/3 (Validation) R Cossa
WG2/WP269 Action 7/15 - review of CIDIN SNDCF Requirements in ATNP Internet SARPS R Cossa
WG2/WP270 CP for ATN SNDCF to accommodate VDL A Roy
WG2/WP271 ATNP WG2/8 Brussels 22-26 April 1996 Sub Drafting Group Interim Draft Report
WG2/WP272 Route Aggregation Proposed Guidance Material (Information Paper) A Whyman
WG2/WP273 Use Of ATSC Traffic Types R Jones
WG2/WP274 Proposed Guidance Material for Section Four of the ATN Internet SARPs Guidance Material (Part 2 - Network Layer) M Adnams
WG2/WP275 Proposed WG3 Inputs on Validation for JWG WP to ATNP/2 R Jones
WG2/WP276 WG3 Matters of Interest to WG2 (WG 3 Flimsy # 6-6) WG 3
WG2/WP277 Matters of Style (WG 3 Flimsy # 6-5) WG 3
WG2/WP278 Guidance Material for Sub-Volume V Version 1.1of the Internet CNS/ATM-1 Package A Sharma
WG2/WP279 Information of the Forthcoming ATNP Working Group Meetings in Munich K Platz
WG2/WP281 Guidance Material for Sub-Volume V Version 1.2 of the Internet CNS/ATM-1 Package A Sharma
WG2/WP282 WG2/WG3 Standardisation of Traffic Type and Class (WG3 Flimsy 6-8) S Van Trees
WG2/WP283 Proposed Agenda & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP284 CNS/ATM-1 SARPS & Guidance Material - Sub-Volume V:Internet Communications Service (Version 5.1) JM Crenais
WG2/WP285 Version 1.2 Sub Volume 5 Guidance Material C Pellegrino
WG2/WP286 Draft WG2 ATNP/2 WP on WG2 Progress since ATNP/1 A Sharma
WG2/WP287 Coverage of ATN Validation Objectives by Validation Exercises H Hof
WG2/WP288 CNS/ATM-1 Package Sub-Volume V Validation Report H Hof
WG2/WP289 Proposal for CNS/ATM-1 Package SARPs Maintenance H Hof
WG2/WP290 Guidance Concerning End System Connectivity to Multiple Ground-Based Subnetworks L Sayadian
WG2/WP291 Proposed Changes to Sub-Volume V Chapter 4 H Hof
WG2/WP292 Proposed Revisions to Chapter 7 H Hof
WG2/WP293 CNS/ATM-2 Internet SARPs Requirements S VanTrees
WG2/WP294 Transport Timer and Protocol Parameter Settings S VanTrees
WG2/WP295 Proposed Draft Guidance Material For Route Aggregation in the ATN H Hof
WG2/WP296 WG/2 ATNP/2 Working Paper on the approach for the development of new ATN internet SARPs and Guidance Material H Hof
WG2/WP297 Proposed Amendments to Sub Volume 5 A Sharma
WG2/WP298 Introduction to Sub Volume 5 SARPs S Cosgrove
WG2/WP299 Paper Withdrawn -
WG2/WP300 Proposed revision to Chapter 7/ WP 292 to accomodate VDL requirements H Thulin
WG2/WP301 Report of the SARPs Editorial Review Committee Meeting JM Crenais
WG2/WP302 Draft Report of WG1 S Cosgrove
WG2/WP303 Draft Report of JWG A Sharma
WG2/WP304 WG2 Rapporteurs Report to WG1 A Sharma
WG2/WP305 Harmonisation of IATA and ICAO ATN standardisation P Hennig
WG2/WP306 An Update from the Panel Secretary M Paydar
WG2/WP307 Proposed Format for ATN SARPs Validation Report R Jones
WG2/WP308 Announcement for October 1996 ATNP WG Meetings R Jones
WG2/WP309 Some Administrative Information concerning the ATNP WGs in Munich A Herber
WG2/WP310 ATN SARPs Defect Reporting and Configuration Management after ATNP/2 A Burgemeister
WG2/WP311 Matters of Style S VanTrees
WG2/WP312 WG3 Inputs on Validation for JWG WP to ATNP/2 R Jones
WG2/WP313 Issues Related to the Language & WordPerfect Translation of the ATN SARPs A Sharma
WG2/WP314 Approach to further development of Sub-Volume V Guidance Material C Pelligrino
WG2/WP315 Draft ATN SARPs - Part 1 S Cosgrove
WG2/WP316 Sub Volume 1, Introduction to System-Level Requirements S Cosgrove
WG2/WP317 Location of ATN SARPs and Guidance Material S Cosgrove
WG2/WP318 CNS/ATM-1 Package Internet SARPs Validation Objectives H Hof
WG2/WP319 Report of Live Global ATN Demonstration at EUROCONTROL / IATA ATN Seminar H Hof
WG2/WP320 Proposed Guidance Material for Address Registration KP Graf
WG2/WP321 ICAO ATN/VDL Correspondence M Paydar
WG2/WP322 Description of ATN/VDL SNDCF and guidance on possible implementation H Thulin
WG2/WP323 CCB Status H Hof
WG2/WP324 Paper Withdrawn -
WG2/WP325 Topics for WG2/WG3 Joint Meeting, 1830 - 2000, 26 June R Jones
WG2/WP326 Format of Summary Working Papers to ATNP/2 R Jones
WG2/WP327 The AOC Traffic Type and Strong QoS H Hof
WG2/WP328 WG3 Requirements Statement for "ATSC-only routes" S Van Trees
WG2/WP329 Proposed Objectives, Schedule & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP330 CNS/ATM-1 SARPs & Guidance Material - Sub-Volume V: Internet Communications Service (Version 6.0) JM Crenais
WG2/WP331 Version 1.4 Sub Volume 5 Guidance Material H Hof
WG2/WP332 Not Used  
WG2/WP333 ATNP/2 WP? - ICCAIA - ATN SARPs Defect Reporting & Configuration Management after ATNP/2 A Burgemeister
WG2/WP334 WG2 Configuration Control Board Activity S Cosgrove
WG2/WP335 Review of Transport APRL A Herber
WG2/WP336 Editorial Defects in the ATN Network Addressing Specification and Proposed Resolution A Herber
WG2/WP337 Editorial Defects in the IDRP APRLs and Proposed Resolution A Herber
WG2/WP338 Revised Transport Timer and Protocol Parameter Settings R Jones
WG2/WP339 ATNP/2 WP6 - JWG - Proposed ATN SARPs A Sharma
WG2/WP340 Proposal for Input to the WG2 Internet SARPs Validation Report H Hof et al
WG2/WP341 ATNP/2 WP16 - WG2 - VDL Requirements on the ATN Mobile SNDCF A Sharma
WG2/WP342 ATNP/2 WP13 - WG2 - ATN Internet Working Group (WG2) Report of Progress since ATNP/1 A Sharma
WG2/WP343 ATNP/2 WP14 - WG2 - Development of the CNS/ATM-1 Package Internet Comms Service Draft SARPs A Sharma
WG2/WP344 Report of the Guidance Material Drafting Group Meeting B Cardwell
WG2/WP345 On Adaptive Re-transmission Timers in OSI TP4 A Herber
WG2/WP346 Validating ATN with VDL H Thulin
WG2/WP347 Guidance for Implementation of the Mobile VDL and AMSS SNDCFs H Thulin
WG2/WP348 U.S. Validation Report on the ATN Sub-Volume 5 R Jones
WG2/WP349 Achieving a Cost Effective ATN R Jones
WG2/WP350 ATNP/2 WP? - JWG - Proposed Amendments to the ATN SARPs A Sharma
WG2/WP351 ATNP/2 WP? - U.S. - Precedence of ATNP Future Work Programme R Jones
WG2/WP352 ATNP/2 WP17 - WG2 - Proposed Strategy and Approach for the Future Development of SARPs and Guidance Material for the Internet Communication Service A Sharma
WG2/WP353 ATNP/2 WP2 - ICAO - Agenda and Proposed Time Schedule for ATNP/2 A Sharma
WG2/WP354 Internet Communication Service Requirements Database Guidance JP Briand
WG2/WP355 Addressing Guidance for the Diverse Ground-Based Subnetworks L Sayadian
WG2/WP356 Appendix G of WP340 - An Example JM Crenais
WG2/WP357 ATNSI Status P Hennig
WG2/WP358 RAF Presentation H Hof
WG2/WP359 IATA Proposal for Backward Compatibility (WG3 WP) P Hennig
WG2/WP360 Tracebility of Operational & Institutional Requirements to System Level Requirements T Calow
WG2/WP361 ATNP/2 WP? - List of Working Papers A Sharma
WG2/WP362 Comments on WP/345 R Cossa
WG2/WP363 Draft report of NATSPG Agenda Items 1, Developments P Hennig
WG2/WP364 Further Explanations on Adaptive Retransmission Timers in TP4 A Herber
WG2/WP365 ATNP/2 WP2 - ICAO - Proposed Guidance Material for the Internet Communications Service Draft SARPs A Sharma
WG2/WP366 Proposed Objectives, Schedule & Planning A Sharma
WG2/WP367 Design of a Scaleable FAA ATN Internet Architecture S Van Trees
WG2/WP368 Editorial Corrections to Sub Volume 5 of draft ATN SARPs A. Sharma
WG2/WP369 AMCP Response on the Use of Priority 14 A. Sharma
WG2/WP370 CIDIN as an ATN Subnetwork -Proposal to Extend the ATN ICS Guidance Material A Herber
WG2/WP371 Proposed Draft SARPs Corrections Concerning Subnetwork Priority Mapping A Herber
WG2/WP372 Internet Communications Service Requirements Database M Adnams
WG2/WP373 Proposal to remove a note in Sub-Volume 5 S Van Trees
WG2/WP374 IDRP Large Scale Simulation Study: Summary of Results T Kircher
WG2/WP375 ATN to Mobile Subnetwork Priority Mapping R Jones
WG2/WP376 EUROCONTROL ATN Reference Facility Project: Proposal for ATN SARPs and GM to take into account Requirements for Testing ATN Systems M Adnams
WG2/WP377 ATN SARPs, Sub-Volume 5, Proposed Version 7.0, 23rd January 1997 B Cardwell
WG2/WP378 Changes Made to Word 6, Version 6 to bring it in line with WordPerfect ICAO Version 1.0 B Cardwell
WG2/WP379 ATNP CCB Procedures Document  
WG2/WP380 ATNP/2-WP/67 - Report on Agenda Items 5 and 6 (Future Work) A. Sharma
WG2/WP381 ATNP/2-WP/67 - Extract from Report on Agenda Item 3 relevant to SV5 (Pages 3-21 to 3-26) A. Sharma
WG2/WP382 WG2 CCB Status Report S Tamalet
WG2/WP383 Comments on Sub Volume 5 SARPs Guidance Material S Van Trees
WG2/WP384 EUROCONTROL ATN Project Overview and Strategy (IP) M Adnams
WG2/WP385 A Summary of the ADS Europe Final Trials Report B Cardwell
WG2/WP386 Reporting of ATN SARPs Validation Status R Jones
WG2/WP387 Review of Draft VDL Digital Link (VDL) Mode 3 Design Guidelines A. Herber
WG2/WP388 Network Management Plan in Future Japanese Aviation Network M. Akimoto
WG2/WP389 ATNSI Proposed Managed Objects P. Hennig
WG2/WP390 ATNP WG2 SARPs Development Mechanism (SDM) Procedures Document J. Crenais
WG2/WP391 The IDRP Route Server Alternative to a Full Mesh Routing J. Crenais
WG2/WP392 ATNP Archive and Electronic Mailing Lists S. Tamalet
WG2/WP393 ATNP NSAP Address Repository S. Tamalet
WG2/WP394 WG1 Flimsy on work program T. Calow
WG2/WP395 Analysis of Transport and Network Fast Byte J. Moulton
WG2/WP396 Proposed Agenda R. Jones
WG2/WP397 Report of the Eleventh Meeting of WG2 (Phuket) B. Cardwell
WG2/WP398 Editorial Defects Identified in Version 8.0 of the ATN ICS SARPs A. Herber
WG2/WP399 Meeting Arrangements Oct. 22 – Nov. 7, 1997 R. Jones
WG2/WP400 Meeting Arrangements for Oct. 22 – Nov. 7, 1997 J. Moulton
WG2/WP401 ATN Subsetting S. Van Trees
WG2/WP402 DLIC Contact Initation P. Camus
WG2/WP403 An Update from the Panel Secretary M. Paydar
WG2/WP404 Application of Multicast & Broadcast to the ATN Internet J. Moulton
WG2/WP405 Design Guidelines for VDL Mode 4 M. Paydar
WG2/WP406 A Potential ATN Addressing Problem (SICASP input) M. Paydar
WG2/WP407 Data Link Compression Evaluation Report T. Whyman
WG2/WP408 Routing Traffic over AMSS T. Kircher
WG2/WP409 QoS Provisioning in the ATN S. Van Trees
WG2/WP410 ICS Defect Report/Change Proposal S. Van Trees
WG2/WP411 Potential ATN ICS SARPs defect due to the priority restrictions on the Mode S Subnetwork S. Tamalet
WG2/WP412 Proposed Agenda for 13th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP413 Report of the 12th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP414 Experimental ATN Topology and ATN Addresses allocated in Germany A. Herber
WG2/WP415 Status Report on HFDL Subnetwork SARPs R. Jones
WG2/WP416 Status of Proposed Defect Reports relating to ATN ICS SARPs A. HerberK-P Graf
WG2/WP417 Information on the Forthcoming ATNP Working Groups Meeting in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) L. Castro
WG2/WP418 Communiqué from WG1 (on Security, Multicasting, etc.) T. Calow
WG2/WP419 WG1/SG1 Suggestions on ICS Guidance Material B. Gosselin
WG2/WP420 Schedule for ATNP/3 R. Jones
WG2/WP421 ATNP NSAP Address Repository User Manual S. Tamalet
WG2/WP422 A Proposal for the Routing Organisation of the European ATN S. Tamalet
WG2/WP423 ACCESS – A Project Summary B. Cardwell
WG2/WP424 Issues Arising from Further ICS Validation B. Cardwell
WG2/WP425 An update from the Panel Secretary M. Paydar
WG2/WP426 Communiqué from WG1 on Systems Management T. Calow
WG2/WP427 Draft Systems Management Guidance Material M. Adams
WG2/WP428 Draft Managed Objects Template for ICS M. Adams
WG2/WP429 Draft GM on ATN Scalability B. Cardwell
WG2/WP430 Proposed agenda for 14th meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP431 Report of the 13th meeting of ATNP WG2, Redondo Beach CA R. Jones
WG2/WP432 Input Received from SICASP Technical Subgroup R. Jones
WG2/WP433 Status of HFDL SARPs being developed by the AMCP WGE L. Sayadian
WG2/WP434 Communiqué from AMCP R. Jones
WG2/WP435 Communiqués from AMCP on VDL R. Jones
WG2/WP436 Elements of Accounting Management for the ATN Internet Communications S. Tamalet
WG2/WP437 Fault Management Requirements for the ATN ICS S. Tamalet
WG2/WP438 Performance Management Requirements for the ATN ICS S. Tamalet
WG2/WP439 (IP) ACI and ProATN projects convergent MIB S. Tamalet
WG2/WP440 Elements of management information related to the ATN Network Layer S. Tamalet
WG2/WP441 Elements of management information related to the ATN Transport Layer S. Tamalet
WG2/WP442 ATN Multicast M. Adnams
WG2/WP443 SNDCF for ATM M. Adnams
WG2/WP444 Status of ISO multicast standards J. Moulton
WG2/WP445 IDRP security J. Moulton
WG2/WP446 WG1 Materials on Security T. Calow
WG2/WP447 Alternatives for BIS access to X.509 certificates R. Jones
WG2/WP448 Report of the 14th meeting of ATNP WG2, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil R. Jones
WG2/WP449 Proposed agenda for 15h meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP450 IDRP Security R. Jones
WG2/WP451 CNS/ATM-2 Package SARPs Enhancements for Additional Mobile Subnets R. Jones
WG2/WP452 IATA Expectations for Remotely Managing Airborne Resources P. Hennig
WG2/WP453 WG1 response to WG2 flimsy on security P. Hennig
WG2/WP454 Request for Systems Management Requirements J. Moulton
WG2/WP455 IDRP Defect Report J. Moulton
WG2/WP456 Internet Multicast J. Moulton
WG2/WP457 SME V (ICS) Status Report K. Graf
WG2/WP458 CCB Report S. Van Tree
WG2/WP459 Proposed SNDCF for use with Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks T. Whyman
WG2/WP460 Response to WG2/WP444 on Status of ISO Multicast Networking Standards T. Whyman
WG2/WP461 Agenda for the 16th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP462 Report of the 15th Meeting of ATNP Working Group 2 R. Jones
WG2/WP463 (IP) ATNP Working Group Meetings – January 1999 R. Jones
WG2/WP464 Selection of ATN cryptographic algorithm P. Hennig
WG2/WP465 (IP) Comparative Data Link Investigations planned by Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH T. Schade
WG2/WP466 Package 2 Impact on the Structure of the ICS SARPs R. Jones
WG2/WP467 Proposal with Respect to Systems Management T. Schade
WG2/WP468 ATN Summary MIB & ATN ICS Summary Management Information S. Tamalet
WG2/WP469 (IP) Proposed Ground Network Design for the EuroVDL Project T. Whyman
WG2/WP470 ATN SARPs Problem when supporting VDL Mode 2 Handoffs T. Whyman
WG2/WP471 A New Solution to PDR 98060006 T. Whyman
WG2/WP472 ATN Internet SARPs Version Control T. Whyman
WG2/WP473 SME V (ICS) Status Report K-P Graf
WG2/WP474 Issues Raised on ICS SARPs K-P Graf
WG2/WP475 (IP) Joint Sub-Group on Systems Management Status Report J. Moulton
WG2/WP476 Multicast Architecture J. Moulton
WG2/WP477 (IP) Multicast Architecture (2) J. Moulton
WG2/WP478 Preliminary Draft Version 1.0 ATN System Management – Concept of Operations J. Moulton
WG2/WP479 WG1/SG2 Status Report M. Bigelow
WG2/WP480 The Prototype NSAP Repository J-M Crenais
WG2/WP481 Agenda for the 17th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP482 Report of the 16th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP483 Availability and Continuity of Service for Mobile ATN Users R. Jones
WG2/WP484 Mobile Subnetwork Connectivity Reporting Requirements for ICS Package-2 R. Jones
WG2/WP485 Mobile Subnetwork Connectivity Reporting Under R.F. Channel Fading Conditions R. Jones
WG2/WP486 Transport Protocol Requirements for Package-2 ICS J. Moulton
WG2/WP487 Information on May 1999 ATNP WG meetings in Italy F. Cecere
WG2/WP488 Symmetric Mechanism for Authentication in IDRP T. McParland
WG2/WP489 An Update from the Panel Secretary M. Paydar
WG2/WP490 Issues on SNDCFs for LANs M. Paydar
WG2/WP491 Access to VDL Mode 3 Broadcast Services AMCP WG-D/VSG3
WG2/WP492 Mutual Authentication Service for IDRP Air-Ground Connections T. McParland
WG2/WP493 Proposed Revisions to ICS for IDRP Authentication T. McParland
WG2/WP494 VDL Mode 2 Handoff Event Proposed SARPS M. Adnams
WG2/WP495 VDL Mode 2 Handoff Event Proposed Guidance M. Adnams
WG2/WP496 European LINK2000+ Programme M. Adnams
WG2/WP497 ATN Fault management Requirements Analysis M. Adnams
WG2/WP498 ATN Internet Management Tools M. Adnams
WG2/WP499 WG1/SG2 Report M. Bigelow
WG2/WP500 SME-V (ICS) Report T. Schade
WG2/WP501 ATN Accounting Management Requirements S. Tamalet
WG2/WP502 Internet SARPs Modifications Related to the Implementation of the Echo Response Function S. Tamalet
WG2/WP503 Japanese ATN Development and Implementation Plan K. Itono
WG2/WP504 SME Inputs on PDR 98060006 T. Schade
WG2/WP505 WG2 SME Amendments to WG2 WP494 KP Graf /
M. Adnams
WG2/WP506 Transport/Application Frozen Reference Timing Problem B. Cardwell
WG2/WP507 Agenda for the 18th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP508 Report of the 17th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP509 WG2 Inputs to ATNP/3 R. Jones
WG2/WP510 Enhancements to Sub-Volume V and ICS Guidance Material R. Jones
WG2/WP511 Proposal to form ICS Drafting Group R. Jones
WG2/WP512 TP4 timeout and retransmission issues S. Tamalet
WG2/WP513 SME V (ICS) Status Report K-P Graf
WG2/WP514 Draft Amendment 1 of Sub-Volume V (ICS) K-P Graf
WG2/WP515 WG1/SG2 Security Sub-Group Report M. Bigelow
WG2/WP516 ATNP Secretary Report M. Paydar
WG2/WP517 Draft Sub-Volume V, 2nd Edition J. Moulton
WG2/WP518 IDRP Authentication Scenarios Using a Key Agreement Scheme and a Keyed Message Authentication Code T. McParland
WG2/WP519 ATNP Working Group Meetings in Gran Gran Canaria (Spain) J. Cid
WG2/WP520 Proposed SARPs Changes for Enhancements Derived from WP471 T. Whyman
WG2/WP521 Handling New Subnetwork Types in the ATN T. Whyman
WG2/WP522 Draft Update Text for ICS Security T. McParland
WG2/WP523 Withdrawn  
WG2/WP524 Performance Management Requirements Analysis T. Whyman
WG2/WP525 Work Beyond ATNP/3 M. Paydar
WG2/WP526 On Future Activity of ATNP S. Nersessian
WG2/WP527 ATN Compliant Communications Strategy Study (ACCESS) B. Cardwell
WG2/WP528 Agenda for the 19th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP529 Report of the 18th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP530 Draft Sub-Volume V, Third Edition K-P Graf
WG2/WP531 SME V (ICS) Status Report K-P Graf
WG2/WP532 WG2/IDG report B. Cardwell
WG2/WP533 ATNP Secretary Report M. Paydar
WG2/WP534 IDRP Authentication Scenarios T. McParland
WG2/WP535 Proposed Communiqué to AMCP on Requirements for Leave Event Latency R. Jones
WG2/WP536 WG2 Inputs to ATNP/3 R. Jones
WG2/WP537 WG1/SG2 Security Sub-Group Report M. Bigelow
WG2/WP538 Draft Sub-Volume V Validation Report R. Jones
WG2/WP539 IATA Reply to the ATNP WG2 Communiqué on Airline Requirement for Subnetwork Selection P. Hennig
WG2/WP540 Proposed Communiqué to AMCP on VDL Mode 2 Leave Event reporting T. Whyman
WG2/WP541 ICS Enhancements and Change Control Log for

3rd Edition of Sub-Volume 5

K-P Graf
WG2/WP542(IP) Enroute CPDLC Status Overview (Briefing from U.S.) S. Tran
WG2/WP543 (IP) 3rd Working Group of the Whole (Working Group of the Whole/3) Meeting on ATNP in Tokyo (Japan) N. Sakaue/Kuzuya
WG2/WP544 Proposed Multicast Architecture (draft ATNP/3 working paper) J. Moulton
WG2/WP545 Draft SARPs to Address Join/Leave Event Churn B. Cardwell
WG2/WP546 Transport/Application Frozen Reference Timing Problem B. Cardwell
WG2/WP547 (IP) Welcome to Las Palmas J. Rodriguez
WG2/WP548 IATA Policy on ATN Air-Ground Subnet Topology P. Hennig
WG2/WP549 CCB Report S. Van Trees
WG2/WP550 Enhancements to the ISO 8208 Mobile SNDCF S. Tamalet
WG2/WP551 Ground interface to the mobile subnetworks S. Tamalet
WG2/WP552 draft Doc 9705 Sub-Volume VI T. Kerr
WG2/WP553 Agenda for the 20th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP554 Report of the 19th Meeting of ATNP WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP555 WG2 Rapporteur’s Report to ATNP/3 R. Jones
WG2/WP556 Status of WG2 Inputs to ATNP/3 R. Jones
WG2/WP557 Draft Sub-Volume V, Third Edition K-P Graf
WG2/WP558 SME V (ICS) Status Report K-P Graf
WG2/WP559 WG2/IDG-3 report B. Cardwell
WG2/WP560 ATNP Secretary Report M. Paydar
WG2/WP561 Draft Sub-Volume V Validation Report C. Ricci
WG2/WP562 Multicast Architecture – proposed final draft J. Moulton
WG2/WP563 IDG Work Items Status Report B. Cardwell
WG2/WP564 Change Control Log for Draft Edition 3 of Sub-Volume 5 K-P Graf
WG2/WP565 Status of ICS Guidance Material K-P Graf
WG2/WP566 AMCP/WG-A Communiqué to ATNP/WG2 R. Jones
WG2/WP567 Requirement for a standard on the ground interface to mobile subnetworks S. Tamalet
WG2/WP568 (IP) ATN Systems Management Provisions J. Moulton
WG2/WP569 (IP) Welcome to Tokyo S. Kuzuya
WG2/WP570 Proposed SARPs for a frame mode mobile SNDCF B. Cardwell/

T. Whyman


Agenda for the 20th Meeting of ATNP WG2

R. Jones

WG2/WP 572

Report of the 19th Meeting of ATNP WG2

R. Jones

WG2/WP 573

IDG/4 report

B. Cardwell

WG2/WP 574


Changes Made to Draft Edition 3 of Sub-Volume 5

K-P Graf


Draft Sub-Volume V Third Edition

K-P Graf


Update guidance material for Sub-Volume V

K-P Graf


Draft Comprehensive ATN Manual – Part IV Communication Services

K-P Graf


Draft SV5 Validation Report

S. Tamalet


Proposed SARPs for a frame mode SNDCF

T. Whyman


Preparations for the Working Group of the Whole meeting in Berlin

R. Jones


Proposed guidance material for Frame Mode SNDCF

T. Whyman

WG2/WP582 (IP)

Issue on the Deflate compressed PDU format

S. Tamalet


Proposed draft GM on the 3rd Edition enhancements to the mobile SNDCF

S. Tamalet


FAA inputs to the SV-5 Validation Report

T. McParland


Draft IDRP Security guidance inputs

T. McParland

WG2/WP586 SME 5 (Internet Communications Service) Status Report K-P Graf
WG2/WP587 A proposal for the total suppression of the re-advertisement of IDRP routes over the A/G links S Tamelet
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